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10 Gardening Hacks

Whether you are a gardening expert or a novice here are 10 gardening hacks that will make your horticultural life a bit easier.

1. Use coffee grounds to keep pests away.

2. Sprinkle cinnamon on seedlings to prevent diseases.

3. Fertilize your plants with the left over water you use to boil your eggs or cook you veg.

4. Use crushed up egg shells to vent soft body pests.

5. Plant seedlings in bio gradable pots such as egg cartons or left over orange rind.

6. Add Epsom salt to water and spray to increase the nutritional absorption of plants.

7. Use coffee filters for planting.

8. Cut the top off plastic milk cartons and put over seedlings to create a greenhouse effect.

9. Use vinegar as weed killer.

10. Make your own compost with, raw vegetables scraps, coffee and tea granules and egg shells.