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How it Works

Quick and easy to set up Grow Box is Ideal for those who want a low maintenance garden in a box.

Watch our “how to” video for more information:


Step 1

Fit Plastic bag around the inside of your planter allowing it to overlap before adding the lid.

Step 2

Put the ball into the filling hole and use a hose to fill the planter.

Step 3

Loosen up the compost in your grow bag.

Step 4

Make cross cuts in the bottom of the grow bag in line with the tubes in your planter.

Step 5

Carefully turn the compost bag over and place it on top of your planter. Cut out the areas marked on the compost bag and firmly press the compost into the capillaries, ensuring there is no air pockets.

Step 6

Temporarily remove some of the compost and use this to fill the cylinders in your planter.

Step 7

Place your planters or seeds into the holes in the top of the compost bag and give the plants 1 litre of water.